Wagon vacuum press with two worktables

Custom Features of the Wagon Vacuum Press with Two worktables

The Wagon Vacuum Press with Two worktables has a custom built – in customizable HMI/PLC touch screen with the ability to store over fifty different programs. Also this device has an infrared heat sensor to accurately measure the temperature of the work environment. Longitudinal and transverse partitions used to coat the small pieces and save coating and electricity are among the other custom features of this device. This device has a silicon screen for pressing the natural layers and forming multi – layered components and a pressure control system to cover the door with a Hanikam paper net and delicate pieces. It has a sealed thermal chamber with pneumatic function with the least heat dissipation

Number of worktables 1 2 2 3
Dimentions 850x200Cm 1150x200Cm
Custom WorkTable Dimensions Maximum 290 x 140 CM
Frame Function System Pneumatic/Clamp
Vacuum Pump Type Oil in Circulation
Anti-Wrinkle System Yes
Device Control System Manual or Automatic
Worktable Selection System Electronically
Clamp Three Story Clamp on Each Side of the Device
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