CNC woodcarving - rotary

Automatic lubrication system

System for the automatic movement of the tailstocks

Intelligent automatic diagnostic system

Four simultaneous axis

The ability to switch between spindle distances

Execution of work on a variety of flat woodcarving boards and furniture bases

With professional control without the need for a PC with special features for woodcarving

The undertake of the workpiece is 200 x 30 (10 pcs) and 200 × 60 (5 pcs) and the diameter of the tailstock 30 (10 pcs)

Mobile table system

Italian 4/5 kw spindles H

Clip for fixing flat works

Special features on customer order 

Mobile table system

Customers can change the size

  • Dimensions: 2440 x 2000 x 2500 mm
  • Total power of the machine: 6kw
  • Maximum workpiece width: 1250mm
  • Maximum Thickness of workpiece: 100mm
  • Maximum speed of roller brush: 550 inverter - rpm
  • Maximum disk brush speed: 550 inverter - rpm
  • Maximum disk oscillation frequency: 30 Times / min
  • Maximum roller oscillation frequency: 60 Times / min
  • Weight: 3 Ton
  • Options: Ability to install a vacuum table
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